Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Rosedale Project: a fence without homes

The Rosedale Project, a fence without homes
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Before beginning my photo-a-day project three years ago, I was thinking of photo projects. I thought of documenting the Rosedale housing development, from start to finish. The big problem was that, at the time, I only have a film camera, so it was expensive to take pictures. Inevitably, I missed a couple important steps in the demolition of the Monrovia Nursery to make room for houses. I still drive through the "new" development and marvel at how much uglier houses are than flowers. Ironically, the development of this land has frozen, since nobody wants to buy expensive houses in Glendora.

My original goal with this shot was to capture downtown Los Angeles from afar. As I moved around looking for a good perspective (and avoiding power lines), I became increasingly interested in this fence. As it turns out, the silhouette of the fence leading into the foothills was the best capture today.

This looks nice large on black. You can see the details as the fence's silhouette fades into the foothill's silhouette. Thanks Photoshop Curves.

Year 3, Day 153

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