Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wine country

Wine country, originally uploaded by billaday.

We went wine tasting at Stuart Cellars Winery. It was good. This is shot from Stuart Cellars, and it's the road to Mount Palomar Winery. I highly recommend the Guinness Stout. (I don't care much about wine.)

Day 61

Friday, February 08, 2008

sky light

sky light, originally uploaded by billaday.

First off, View On Black.

Secondly, I've been wanting to get back to working on minimal shots. It's so easy to take a lame photo and tell yourself it's modern/minimal/art. I was interesting in capturing the different shadow intensities (dark vs. really dark, etc). I hope I did.

Thirdly, since this was on the roof, all the angles were all different; I decided to make the right edge of the window straight, and let the rest of the lines go elsewhere.

Day 60

Thursday, February 07, 2008

the pristine, uncrowded 605 freeway

I've always enjoyed driving under this underpass on the 605 North, ever since the good ol' drives home from Bolsa Chica State Beach surf trips.

significant Photoshop notes: I created another layer for the graffiti overpass, and changed the layer blend mode to color dodge. That's why the colors up there pop (more than before, at least).

Day 59

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Warrenuci, originally uploaded by billaday.

We had amazing penne with a secret Italian family sauce from the Warrenuci's. My favorite part of the meal was dipping warm, toasted french bread into the thick, rich secret pasta sauce. So tasty.

Day 58(Year 2, don't forget!)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted

I Voted, originally uploaded by billaday.

Today was the primary elections in America. I voted, and they gave me a sticker so that the world would know that I voted. I walked home and hung up my jacket, so nobody actually so that I voted, so the sticker was pointless... until this photo.

I tweaked it in Photoshop a bit. I blurred and vignetted the edges, and desaturated most of the background.

btw, I'm really glad they didn't jump on the Apple bandwagon and change the stickers to iVoted. That would've been lame.

Day 57

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Bee Song (Reflection)

The Bee Song (Reflection), originally uploaded by billaday.

Reflection, by Rising Decline (my old punk band)
Lyrics by Brent Kelley
Dedicated to Brent, and his new EP (available on iTunes (and engineered by me)).

Sitting below, I look to the right.
The bee grows tired, but continues to fight.
Held captive by the glass, in a room against his will.
The struggle goes on.

He longs to understand, to recognize,
To see the world through different eyes.
But try though he may, the freedom that he needs
Is just beyond his reach.

I think that maybe
You'd see me standing there
In a picture drawn to scale.
Unknown, I'm smiling as I fail, I fit in;
Concealing what's inside.

Feeling confused, he's feeling denied
with nothing to show for what he's tried.
With one ounce of strength, he clutches to the glass
and falls to the floor.

And that's where he'll stay,
his wings laying still,
until he awakes and regains his will.
His hopes alive again, he looks up above
And strives towards his goal.

I think that maybe
You'd see me standing there
In a picture drawn to scale.
Unknown, I'm smiling as I fail, I fit in;
Concealing what's inside.

Day 56

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super (veggie) Bowl

Super (veggie) Bowl, originally uploaded by billaday.

I've been playing guitar on Sunday nights for the past 11 years. Robert (our music boss guy) gave us the night off. So this was my first Super Bowl Party as an adult. There was a lot of tasty food to eat. Thanks Vito and Cathy. And thanks New York Giants.

Day 55