Friday, May 15, 2009

inside the gears of a clock tower

inside the gears of a clock tower
originally uploaded by billaday.

Take a guess at what this is... then scroll down.

Before I tell you, lemme tell you why I like my Canon point-and-shoot. I can bring it with me everywhere I go. I can get very close to objects. The lens is small, so it can squeeze into tight spaces.

This is the inside of a running electricity meter. It's an 1/8 sec. exposure, so enough light got in, but the gears aren't blurred.

This is another shot that never would have been if it weren't for the photo-a-day project. It was late at night, and I hadn't taken a (remotely) interesting photo all day. I was looking for a late night shot, and stumbled upon this. Kinda cool.

Year 3, Day 156

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