Saturday, April 25, 2009

four twenty five was eight days ago

four twenty five was eight days ago
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My goal with the photo-a-day project is to shoot (at least) one photo every day. I'm still going strong on the shooting part. The tough part is geotagging, editing, sorting, uploading, and blogging them. The internet at home has been painfully slow and intermittent. Translation: from what little free time I've had, it's been eight days since my last photo-a-day post.

On to the photo... I don't know what color this is. Blue? Purple? In Photoshop, I working in lab mode, and made it blue. When I converted back to rgb, it turned purple. Depending on the program I open it in (Preview, Finder, Photoshop, HoudahGeo, or Safari), the color looks different. Any Photoshop help here would be great.

Year 3, Day 136

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