Saturday, August 08, 2009

Trinity Brewery

Trinity Brewery
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Finally! I'm caught up with my photo-a-day! This is what I did last night. Before I describe the photo, lemme talk about my photo-a-day project. I'm so glad that I didn't quit taking photos, even though I was a month behind. I was beyond busy with work, and was able to take pictures, but not process them. Each day, I figured that my photos were lame, since I didn't spend much time taking them. Looking back, I had some great shots (and some faily lame ones). I would be depressed right now if I had given up the photo-a-day project... especially because I am now caught up.

So, last night. We went to the Craft Lager Festival yesterday in Manitou Springs (see the Flickr map). I found one lager I liked--Libidinous lager from Trinity Brewery. It's unhopped, and has chai and berries, or something. Really tasty, really smooth. So we went to Trinity Brewery for dinner. Their logo and labels are amazing. They have an earthy color palette. This shot is a 1/2 second exposure, and I zoomed out (starting at the logo) during the shot.

Year 3, Day 241

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