Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Tip #1

Photo Tip #1
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983 days of taking a photo every day have taught me a lot. So here's the part in the program where I give back. You'll get a weekly photo tip from me for the next 30 weeks (or something vaguely like that (I really haven't spent too much time thinking this photo tip thing up (yet))). By the time you get to photo tip #30, you'll be an expert photographer. And you'll have me to thank for it (except for not really at all).

So here ya go, photo tip #1:
Bring your camera with you.

You can't take a good picture if you don't have a camera. You could see Bigfoot waterskiing, and it won't matter, cuz you can't take a picture of it. Bring your camera with you everywhere you go. I like the Canon Powershot SD 870 IS (really, any canon point-and shoot is amazing). Oh yeah, and you'll take way more photos when you always have a camera with you. That makes you a better photographer, too.

Year 3, Day 253

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