Tuesday, January 27, 2009


iLife, originally uploaded by billaday.

I love the new iLife '09. So far, I've really only spent time with iPhoto. Faces & places are amazing. Here's why.

Faces is a new choice in your library. You click on a few picture of people, a square shows up around their faces, and you type in a name... like on Facebook photos. This is FAR from automatic, but it helps organize picture by person, which is a fantastic tool. I've spent hours typing names in photo by photo, but it's been worth it. In a few software updates, this should be beyond impressive.

Places also rocks. I've been using HoudahGeo to geotag my photos before sending them to iPhoto and Flickr. And I still love and use HoudahGeo. But now, I can see my photos on a map in iPhoto. I used to have to go to Flickr to show people my maps... no longer. As with Faces, Places is still a little tricky to navigate; I expect it to also be amazing quite soon.

Year 3, Day 48

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