Sunday, September 14, 2008

crop hardlight

crop hardlight, originally uploaded by billaday.

Robert is sending his Christmas CD off this week. We took 100 photos Sunday night for the back cover. Sadly, it was really dark by the time we were able to get out there. Since when is 7pm dark time? Seriously. Any way, I could get some good light on him with my SB-600 speedlight, but couldn't get much background light/color/anything. We were at a park, so I was using available backlight. Besides, I don't have any other fancy lighting. So here's the final shot, with the speedlight mounted, with a 1/60 exposure at 90mm.

Though I was hoping to get a more interesting background (I've learned a ton with this shoot), I was happy with the color of the background. It was originally a cheesy pink, since the sun was setting. Robert liked this photo, but wanted a dark blue background. So I took a picture of the sky, added that as a layer above this photos, and changed the blending properties to hard light. Then, it was just a matter of masking around him (so he wasn't dark blue, too).

Day 279

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