Friday, August 15, 2008

the drive home

the drive home, originally uploaded by billaday.

After six days up the coast, we're back. The 5 is way more desolate, hot, and ugly than Highway One. It was also 7 hours faster. Now, for the recap:

We started our trip on Highway One in Santa Monica and passed through Malibu on our way for a snack in Solvang.

We stayed over in Morro Bay, ate in San Luis Obispo, and went to Hearst Castle.

The drive up the 1 from San Simeon to Monterey was gorgeous.

In Monterey, we visited the the aquarium and relaxed. The view from our hotel room was amazing.

After that, we headed up to Half Moon Bay for the night.

Our last stop was wine tasting in Napa.

If you haven't been there, go now and look at the map of where these shots were taken. It's really cool.

Day 249

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